Hybrid Buildings

In addition to the planning and implementation of WEINMANN projects, our further focus is the development of new building concepts. For example, we have developed and patented a new
hybrid system together with Baumeister & Sapper. It is a mixture of prefabricated wooden frame elements, steel concrete skellet construction and CLT / LVL concrete composite elements.Each material has advantages in a particular category. We take the best qualities and through newly created processes, we combine them into an innovative hybrid system.

SUSTAINABILITY – Wood is one of the natural and renewable building materials and with its low-energy processing it puts other building materials in the background. An important
aspect with scarce energy resources.

R-VALUE – The timber frame construction offers insulation values that are difficult to achieve with other building materials with the same wall thickness.

QUALITY – Prefabrication of the timber construction elements under optimal conditions in a factory setting enables a reliable, high quality standard which in turn leads to a higher quality of living.

STATIK – With the combination
of materials, larger spans, individual room sizes can be realized more easily
and cost-effectively. Furthermore, 10 locks can now be erected at a rush.

FIRE PROTECTION – With the right material in the right place, higher fire protection classes can be achieved more economically.
The system in detail:
Wooden frame elements (alternatively steel bar elements) are prefabricated in an industrial way in a production hall and then mounted on the construction site in the previously manufactured base plate. The result is a floor with outer and inner walls. This means that in the walls, the reinforcement for the support columns are included and thus the concrete can be filled in the provided chambers of the timber wall bar. In the first step, the wall elements serve as formwork for the concrete, but in the second step, they are already a finished building shell that no longer needs to be dismantled and thus replaces two stages in the conventional building system (stripping and closing the spaces between the concrete columns). On the walls Filigranelemente, CLT elements, or LVL ceilings are Placed and connected with concrete. With this construction method, one floor per week (example size 20 x 25 m) can be built. This means that an eight-storey building can be completed in just eight weeks with the outer shell closed and finished.